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Candle light vigil this sunday on ledra: «All you need to bring is 30 minutes of your time, a candle, and a wish.»

Not too long ago there has been a divided country with a divided capitol in Europe that no one ever thought will leave its past behind and reunite in peace. But it did. Every Sunday evening, people walked out onto the streets with a candle. Not to demonstrate, but to express their sincere wish to live together as one.

On the first Sunday there were only a few, on the second Sunday many more, until it became evident that literally everyone shared the same dream. A sea of candles in the end and a unity as a result. Germany 1989. It may be only a dream, but if you can, join us and friends for the first candle light vigil on Sunday, April 6th, at 9pm at the end of Ledra Street by the newly opened border crossing. A simple gesture of people wanting to connect their hearts and the desire to live united in peace.

All you need to bring is 30 minutes of your time, a candle, and a wish. Let's beat the drums for the candle light vigil.

Please forward this message to as many people as possible and tell all your friends. Hope to see you Sunday.

Achim Wieland
Machi Dimitriadou-Lindahl

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